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Each week the Offbeat Leader blog shares notes from the field on influential people, crazy success stories, and anecdotes on success in business and life. You don’t need to be a ship captain, military commander, or CEO to be a leader; you could be a parent, small business owner, entrepreneur, or have a job in an office. No matter what you do you have responsibilities, and important things to manage, and you’ve got dreams that go beyond figuring out tonight’s dinner.


Most people don’t decide to become a great “leader,” they somehow find themselves cast in the role. It’s like a battlefield promotion, you’ve got to take charge or perish. It’s not the stripes on your uniform, or the title on your business card that makes you a leader, it’s the battle scars. And most of us are out there earning them every day.

Who is Edward Klink?

Edward Klink specializes in leadership, marketing, business development, motivation, and success. As a senior editor, columnist, and radio show host, Klink has interviewed successful people from Wall Street to Main Street.

Over the past decade Mr. Klink has written and edited hundreds of articles on topics including management, niche marketing, selling, networking, branding, social media, client psychology, and team-building. He has a knack for creating engaging, motivational stories based on real-life tales of perseverance and achievement.

Along the way Mr. Klink earned an MS in Applied Psychology and Organizational Change and Development from Stevens Institute of Technology, and a BA in Communication and Business from Seton Hall University. He is also a graduate of the Securities Industry Institute leadership program at Wharton.

When not writing he can be found fishing, scuba diving, coaching youth sports, and reading history and adventure books.


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