“Sorry, I just bring out the tray”

That was the remark of a server who placed the wrong meals in front of the wrong people at our table, prompting everyone to switch plates and side orders. Not a huge deal. And working in a restaurant isn’t easy (I’ve done it). But we live in a rapidly changing world where even the time-honored role of waiter and waitress may soon be replaced by technology. To stay relevant the trick is to bring your best game to whatever it is you do, and not just bring out the tray.

What’s your dream?

Today Laura Dekker, a 16-year-old Dutch girl, arrived in the harbor of the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. Unremarkable perhaps, except for the fact that she just finished sailing around the world, the youngest recorded person to do so–alone.

This is a venture that cost legendary explorer Magellan his life. Dekker battled the Dutch authorities who forbade her journey, she faced down her own self-doubt aboard her 38′ “Guppy,”  and en route she encountered all manner of harrowing maritime tribulations.

But she circumnavigated the globe. Why? In her words, “It’s a dream, and I wanted to do it.” As we ponder the big questions in life it’s easy to forget that sometimes there’s just a simple answer.